Onboarding, churn reduction and monetization

Maximize your investment and increase conversions to paying users while shortening sales cycles


The number of free trial or freemium users that you gain is a useful metric in gauging the interest in your product. However, your SaaS business will not survive on users who sign-up but never use or pay for your product.

We will help you to turn more users into paying customers by setting up or optimizing the entire onboarding process, from sign up to purchase, using smart marketing automation.

  • content CREATION
  • marketing tech
  • analysis & iteration


The first step of your campaign is a robust strategy:

  • We will analyse your sales and customer journeys - this will determine whether we need to step in at an early stage of the sales process, using for example chatbot automation on key pages to acquire demos/leads or free users, or whether we need only backend marketing automation once the lead is already acquired 
  • Segment users into different ''buckets'' based on organizational profile and behaviour (activity, spend, retention)
  • Analysis of retention patterns
  • User journey analysis
  • Produce an outline of what data points need to be pushed from your product into marketing automation
  • Messaging strategy - what segments will be targeted by what messaging
  • Outline of re-engagement and/or up-sell campaigns in relation to different user segments

Onboarding and churn reduction: stages









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Why Use Our Onboarding & Churn Reduction System?

Leverage our expertise in SaaS customer behaviour analysis, copywriting and churn reduction to maximize your marketing budget

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Designing onboarding campaigns is our core service. We have developed, managed and significantly improved free trial to paid customer conversoins of organizations ranging from $10,000 in MRR to $80mm in ARR.

Cohort analysis experts: Use our reporting to improve your business processes

An effective onboarding campaign goes beyond well-written emails. We will analyse the behaviour of different user groups (such as time to purchase, conversions, churn, re-engagement) so you can make informated business decisions. Gain deeper understanding of your marketing ROI, adjust budgets and rethinking your sales prioritization.

Sales journey consultants

Converting sign ups to paid customers is challenging due to a variety of hurdles. Some of them impossible to realise without outside perspective. We will consult you on improving sales journey to be as frictionless as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions


A typical project will be divided into 4 steps (strategy, content creation, technology, ongoing iteration), and 3 billing cycles. The billing cycles are as followes. First we will build your strategy - this step will determine the entire scope and pricing of the remaining project stages (i.e. how many emails, complexity of integration etc.). Here we will seek to accommodate the optimal strategy for reaching business imperatives with your budget. Next, we will proceed to content creation and setting-up the technology and email automation. Lastly, we will move to ongoing analysis and iteration to improve performance. The last stage is billed monthly.


The use of onboarding tools will depend on your existing tools, preferences, budget and other factors. However, we have a number of preferred providers that we will recommend you for consideration.


Normally, our clients' development team is able to handle the integrations so that we can receive the right data. However if you don't have a development team, we can introduce you to reliable developers.

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