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Startup strategy: A step-by-step plan to your first 100 users

Unsure about how to kick-off your sales and get first users on board? Acquiring the first 10-100 users doesn't happen by accident. Get a custom step-by-step sales plan tailored to your business


If you struggle with acquiring your first paying customers, a custom sales blueprint will give you the necessary direction and clarity. Our clients consider this service to be a hassle-free, cost effective way to have an actionable sales plan with step-by-step instructions for delivery. The custom strategy will be tailored specifically to your business, market and current challenges. You will gain deep understanding into the strategic and tactical aspects of running an effective sales initiative.

  • Fundamentals
  • first success
  • scaling sales

Scaling sales

Your First Sales Funnel

  • How to build your first complete sales funnel
  • Who to hire
  • What technology to employ
  • What messaging to use

Funnel Stacking

  • ​Recognizing when to build second sales channel
  • How to build two complementary channels

Action Plan

  • Hiring
  • Team roles
  • How to track KPIs

''Exactly the support I needed. Strategy for initial customer acquisition was detailed. Went above and beyond with creating the sales strategy and setting up a game plan for my SaaS business. Highly recommended.''

Frank Avila

CEO | ExpressPass

Examples From Real Campaigns

Competitor analysis

Hiring & internal processes structure

Building instant credibility for targeting SMBs and Enterprise clients

Why Get Our Custom Startup Strategy?

Trying to figutre things out on your own consumes too much time and resources. Get a blueprint tailored for your business and your skills

Sales blueprint specific only to your business

You will receive only the strategies, steps and tips that will work for your business at this specific point in time to reach your objectives. We allocate a significant amount of time to learn about your business, market and competition to develop your business fundamentals, we will use this knowledge to build the only sales strategy you will need

Access the same resources as our premium clients

We will hand over to you all our processes, internal documents and working procedures that we use with our lead generation retainer clients and premium clients

We focus on cost efficiency

You will receive advice on processes, hiring decisions and technology with cost efficiency in minds. We understand that pre-revenue companies need to be lean, move quickly and be extremely efficient

Frequently Asked Questions


You will be billed only once for the strategy. In case you wish to continue working with us in a form of an ongoing mentorship and consulting support, as you execute your strategy, we would bill you every month for the duration of our engagement.


You will receive your strategy in around 14-18 days. The first stages will be extremely interactive - we will request a lot of information from you to thoroughly understand your business model and market dynamics.


It will extremely detailed. It will be a step-by-step execution plan that will allow you to execute on each step of the process independently and with confidence, from hiring to sending sales emails. 

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