5 great tips to make your blog more engaging

You put so much effort into writing great content, your blog is one of the best tools you have to make and nurture connections. When you create content, focus on the quality, not the quantity to rank in the search engines, and boost social shares of your content for more visibility. Your blog deserves more engagement, this is where you put a human face on your business. What makes a good blog post is a good topic or idea, share compelling blog posts that resonate with your target audience. Here are 5 great tips to make your blog more engaging.

  1. Provide Useful Content

Your audience is the foundation of your blog and readers want to be educated or enlightened. Understand your audience and how you can help them, your content needs to be clear and compelling. Offer your readers something helpful for free. Interactive content is the future of content marketing, they are the reason it exists. Establish yourself as a resource that brings readers information, and insights, you need to focus on creating valuable content rather than a general one. Quality content helps to attract your audience, boosting site traffic, and improving conversion rates.

  • Write the right headlines

Headlines can make or break the success of your blog post because many people don’t generally read beyond the headlines. Headline Formulas Always Work but don’t forget headline is a promise and your content must deliver. It’s important that your headlines attract attention. But the headline is the most crucial element if your content doesn’t deliver on the promise your headline makes, you will have to face a loss of goodwill. Select wording carefully that makes use of target keywords, it’s what draws readers to your content from social media sites, search engines, and other blogs.

  • Publish different types of content

Varying your topics helps you reach a wider audience. Make your content stand apart by including Video, Podcasts, Infographics, interviews, Group interviews, etc. Implement sound SEO practices and increase the potential of interest in your posts. Leverage outbound links to related pages, simplify your navigation and move the less important link to your footer. Write less and say more. You can expand the reach of your blog by publishing different content types and improves your ranking in the search engines. Share tips that will be useful to your target audience and win customers.

  • Ramp Up on Visuals

Use visual elements to enhance your blog post’s engagement, without visuals, words alone may not be pulling their weight. Using visuals to complement your text enriches website experience as “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Visual communication is a highly effective way for marketers to reach people, an infographic can easily convey the message. It’s easier to show someone something than to tell them about it, enhancing your blog posts with visuals and other rich media helps readers consume your content.

  • Promote Your Posts

You want to generate results with your blog, but it won’t happen if people don’t see it. Keep trying and your traffic will start increasing over time whether it’s for shares, to capture leads, or to initiate a conversation through comments. There are many ways to promote your blog posts. Don’t forget to add 2-3 of your own links within your post. Start caring about your readers while ensuring your blog posts meets your desired objectives. If you have a strong email and social media following, share your blog posts where ever possible, and you’ll start winning their hearts. Leave a call-to-action (CTA) in your blog post telling viewers what to do next also take advantage of Google Plus communities and LinkedIn Groups to promote your posts. Try understanding their concerns. You will significantly increase responsiveness or click-through rates by using web tools such as SumoMe, Twitter Cards, and Scoop

Encourage your readers to engage with you to build trust and brand loyalty. Attract thousands of readers to your blog and make people say ‘Wow”, it is a sure way to increase brand awareness and attract quality prospects to your brand. Your blog is a drop in a very big pool, make sure giving visitors a memorable and enjoyable experience that will make them come back to the blog.

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