Partner and re-seller programme - B2B SaaS Lead Generation & Onboarding Agency

Partner Programme

Discover how partners benefit from our strategic partnerships

How do our partners benefit?

Our partners refer to us or directly sell our services to their past or current customers, and therefore:

  1. Increase the average revenue per project 
  2. Differentiate from competing software development agencies and provide more holistic offering
  3. Collect future revenue indefinitely without selling
  4. Increase the chances of future development work by offering marketing - thus increasing the chances that the client business will survive
  5. Receive training on how to acquire more software development projects
  6. Gain access to our pool of clients

Support and education

Before your app development project begins

  • Training on how to increase your top-of-funnel lead generation efforts
  • Training on App Marketing Minds’ products and services

During your project

  • Sales methodology and processes for selling 
  • Sales and marketing resources (sales tools and marketing collateral)

After your introduction

  • Complete project management and account management by App Marketing Minds)

Commission structure

Example scenario:

Introduction (email referral)

Referral type: Email introduction

Let's consider a scenario where you simply suggest to your clients that App Marketing Minds could handle the initial marketing initiatives for their new SaaS product.  

The referral has been done by only a simple email introduction connecting us with your client. The entire sales process has been handled by App Marketing Minds thereafter. 

Commission types: 15% on introductions and 10% on subsequent recurring revenue

Referral breakdown: 


Selling Price



Growth consulting




SEO (1-month)




Landing page




First payout



SEO (2 more months)



Total payout


First payout: $1,020

Subsequent payouts: $600

Total payout from one introduction: $1,620

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