A practical guide to pre and post app marketing you can execute right now!

The Ultimate Pre and Post Marketing Strategy for Mobile Apps

app marketing strategy

Since there are thousands of apps available in the app stores, it becomes quite difficult to establish a unique place in the web market. No matter how interactive and user-friendly your mobile app is, if you haven’t prepared a robust pre as well as post marketing strategy, you won’t generate desired results.


Being an app marketer, make sure you understand the fluctuating needs of the customer’s behavior as well as marketing trends before getting into any promotional activity. After accessing your business needs, specific niche and marketing trends, you can create a robust marketing strategy for both the pre-launch and post-launch of your app.


Here in this blog post, we will go through the pre and post app marketing strategies that are effective and result-oriented.

Let’s get started!


Pre App marketing Strategy 


1. Set your app marketing goals carefully

While promoting a mobile app may be a new task for you, setting up goals is one of the most common and vital steps in all marketing campaigns. Before the launch of your application, make sure you set determined goals for your product.


Be realistic, specific and clear while planning your app marketing goals. Take the feedbacks from your targeted app users or audiences, and understand what they expect from you – this will help you create quality content for your marketing strategy.


2. Create stimulating demo videos

Once setting up your marketing goals, it’s the right time to craft simple yet appealing demo videos to showcase the glimpse of your mobile app. This creates an excitement among the people to use that particular app.


For professional looking demo videos and teasers, use the creative and inviting content. Stimulate people to see your video at least for once. You can even promote these types of stuff on social networking sites as well. There you will get more exposure and you could also generate better results.


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3. Get ready with your content

Marketing an app via unique and quality content is one of the best ways to get people’s attention. Since people search for fresh and informative content, you can prepare all the content such as blog posts, articles, forums, press releases, and newsletters related to your mobile app to encourage more mobile users towards your brand.


You can also hire a professional content writer or a blogger who can help you create high-quality content for your mobile app marketing. This can create awareness about your app among targeted mobile users, which is good for your brand as well.

4. Publicize the launch date and time of your app

Make an official announcement about the launching date of your mobile app. You can do this two or three days before the launch of your app. You can give detailed information about your app to let reporters write news about it with ease.


You can also share logos, screenshots, and demo videos to the specific web audience to make a grand launch of your mobile app.

5. Promote app reviews across web channels

After the launch of your app, make sure you get reviews by sending the app the specific industry experts, bloggers and media personals, big review websites and other popular sites.


Also, post a short description related to the app launch on all social networking sites to get more online visibility.


Post-Launch App Marketing Strategies

Don’t stop the marketing campaigns after the launch of your mobile app. Keep creating fresh and quality blog posts, articles regarding the new features of your app. Below are some other strategies that you should keep in mind:


1. App Store Optimization (ASO)

app marketing guide ASO

ASO is the SEO of the App marketing world. This means you will need to optimize your App Store listing page to get better ranking in the App Stores. This makes it easy for potential visitors to discover your app. So, optimize the app store title. Create a title that can represent your brand within a glimpse.


Since the limit of App Icon Name is restricted to 12 characters, make sure you optimize it according to the specific requirement. Also, create ASO friendly description for your app and choose the right category in the app store to save your mobile user’s precious time.


2. Send emails and newsletters

Expand your email list by creating and sending professional looking emails to your potential mobile users. Convey your messages related to the new updates of your app to your subscribers creating beautiful and customized newsletters.


3. Social Media Marketing

app marketing social media marketing

Promote your app on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc to grow your customer base. You can use videos, images relevant to your app on these platforms to grab the attention of more and more people.



These are the pre- and post app marketing strategies that will boost your marketing reach and also enhance your brand awareness across the web.


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