The best 15+ tools you need to get more leads for your b2b start-up

The best 15+ tools you need to get more leads for your b2b start-up

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The best 15+ tools you need to get more leads for your b2b start-up

Have you just started your B2B business and wondering how to generate more leads? B2b lead generation can be tricky without a proven track record.


You may have tried some strategies, but the result isn’t what you expected. And all of it is taking too much work and time.


You may also be wondering how some start-ups grow so fast and build their client base in a few months only.


Here I’ll share 15+ tools with you which will help you to find new quality leads to your B2B business, and build up your client base quickly.


Let’s start.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


These days search engines are the map of Internet – especially Google. Search engines have the largest audience to redirect, and you simply can’t ignore them.


If you know how these engines work and how you can get your targeted keywords on top in there, your business will skyrocket like you’ve never thought.


Here’re some tools to help you with SEO.


#1. Google Keyword Planner (free)


All the SEO strategy starts with keywords. In fact, your whole strategy, implementation, and its success are hugely dependent on the keywords you want to rank for. So, finding appropriate keywords for your business is a crucial process.


Google keyword planner gives you keyword ideas, its monthly search volume, difficulty level, and more important things.


#2. Mozbar Extension (freemium)


Another important part of SEO is to study your competition. You need to know your competitor’s strength, so you can do your preparation accordingly and beat them.


Mozbar tool tells you page authority, domain authority, backlinks, and more information while viewing any page or SERP. With premium, you can see keyword difficulty, page optimization and content suggestions, and more metrics.


#3. Yoast (freemium)


When your website is up, and you start publishing content, you need to optimize it for search engines. Yoast is your friend there. It’s a plugin that helps you to make your website search engine optimized.


You get snippet editor, real time page analysis, optimize your page content, image titles, create XML sitemaps, and much more. With premium, you get redirect manager, multiple focus keywords, internal linking, and premium support.


Analyzing Traffic


Have you ever thought of analyzing your website traffic and finding leads from there? Imagine if you can find who is visiting your website, and see the visiting pattern.


By studying your audience behavior, you can optimize your website for the maximum conversion. And if you do some more research, you can find the contact details of your potential client.


This is a great strategy for finding quality leads for your B2B business. Here’re some tools to help:


#4. Google Analytics (freemium)


Google Analytics is a website monitoring and visitors tracking system. It helps you to find how many people are visiting your website, where are they coming from, what device are they using, what visiting pattern are they following, and much more. Google Analytics is so powerful and has a lot of other useful features. However, it has a little learning curve. You’ve to spend some time and learn how it works to get most out of it.


#5. Lead Forensics (free trial)


We build our website, attract our audience, and wait for the potential client to contact us. This approach has a flaw because 98% visitors never make a contact. But it doesn’t mean they don’t need your product.


Lead Forensics insert a small code (similar to Google Analytics) into your pages and tracks visitors. After tracking, it matches that information with their database and gives you the contact information of your lead.


#6. Lead Feeder (free trial)


Lead Feeder is another lead capturing tool working on the same concept – tracking your visitors and giving you the contact information. The good part is that it integrates with your Google Analytics account. The process is simple, and the interface is beautiful.


The advantage of integration with Google Analytics is that you can get leads from the last months which means you set this up and get your results instantly.


Lead Magnet Forms


Once you start getting traffic, you must prepare to get a recurring audience. Every visitor is an opportunity to grow your business and his life as well. People must go away with something valuable from your site. It could be an ebook, case-study, cheat sheet, or something else.


You may have seen big brands giving out valuable things to their visitors for free. It helps to grow the authority, getting recurring visitors, and quality leads from there.


Here’re some tools:


#7. Sumo Plugin (freemium)


Sumo is a suite of free tools that can be used to grow your website traffic and generating leads. It’s easy to setup and has features like Welcome Mat, Scroll box, Smart bar, social share buttons, and more. You can integrate your list with email service provider such MailChimp, Aweber, Active Campaign, and all other big email service providers.


#8. Lead Pages (Premium)


Lead Pages is a landing page creator that has an intuitive, drag-n-drop feature which helps you to generate simple and complex forms in minutes. It has hundreds of templates you can choose from and start instantly. It also supports popup box and integrates with your website and email service provider.


#9. TypeForm (freemium)


Another form generating tool you can use to create multiple types of forms like lead generating forms, survey forms, registration forms, quizzes, and more. The interface is minimal, and its drag-n-drop feature helps to design forms quickly. It provides an embedded code so you can display your forms on your website, social media channels, and other places.




Email marketing is an old, yet the best strategy to get new clients and grow your business. A study says that email marketing has 4400% ROI. It means for every $1 you spend, you get $44 in return.


Let’s see some tools to help you in your email game.


#10. MailChimp (freemium)


As your email list grows, it becomes hard to handle it and sending emails turns into a nerve wrecking process. MailChimp is an email marketing automation tool that helps you to organize your email list, sending automated emails, analyzing conversion reports and more.


With a free version, you can have up to 2000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails per month. As you grow, you can upgrade your account.


#11. Hunter (freemium)


What if you’re having trouble to find an email address of someone in the company? Hunter comes there to rescue in that situation. You enter the domain name, and it tells you the company’s email format and available email address on the Internet.


#12. MailMentor (free)


The conversion rate of an email is dependent on its subject line and the body. If you’re worried about crafting better emails, use MailMentor as a helping hand. Its algorithm checks your email quality on various parameters and suggests you changes to turn your emails a little better.


Social Networks


Probably the easiest and quickest way of generating leads. Most businesses use social media for branding only, but social networks can be your great weapon for generating leads. Many growth hackers are already using it. Here’re some tools to help:


#13. LinkedIn Pulse (free)


As you know, LinkedIn is a platform for making professional connections. It has a publishing platform called “Pulse” where you can post your content and get recognition in the community. The more quality content you publish, the more eyes you get. It’s a great way of enhancing your credibility and reaching out to hundreds of quality leads at once.


#14. Buffer (freemium)


The most important part of building authority on social networks is consistency. You’ve to provide valuable content to your audience consistently. Only then you may get some recognition and quality leads.


Buffer is a tool that helps you to schedule and automate your social messages publishing on your selected platform. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus, and Pinterest account there.


#15. Facebook Ads (Paid)


Some people think that Facebook is just for spreading fake news. Well, it’s much more useful than that. Facebook has billions of users, and if you implement right thing in the right order, you may get dozens of quality leads there. Through Facebook Ads, you can reach to your targeted audience quickly by just spending a few dollars.


Another idea to run a contest on Facebook. If you’re giving a good deal, it may go viral, and you’ll get plenty of sign ups.


#16. Quora (free)


Quora is the most popular Q&A community on earth. It covers a wide range of niches. No matter what industry you belongs to, you’ll find your audience here.


You need to find boards and topics related to your niche and start getting engaged there. Ask questions and answer what others are asking. Soon you’ll be known and taken as an expert, which will help you to get quality leads.


Starting a business and taking it to the heights isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work, time, and money. You’ve to keep yourself in the searching and learning mode all the time. I hope this post will help you in the journey. Share your experience in the comment box.


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