A sample 3-part cold email automation (ideal for IT, SaaS businesses)

Sample outbound automation sequence

A simple 3-part cold email automation for IT, SaaS and almost any b2b sector

We highlighted below the best practices for a 3-part cold email automation. We are not going to write out the exact templates because there are literally hundreds of them online. Even worse, templates get overused. It’s essential that all your emails are unique to what you offer, unique to your business and relevant to your industry.


Email 1: The personal and well-researched email (day 1)

The first email is very important. You are a stranger, who has never provided any value to your prospects. Make sure this email has the following:

  • Research on your prospect (name is the minimum)
  • Research on your prospect’s business (industry, news, relevant information for your pitch, their problems, industry problem)
  • Relatively short copy
  • A clear call to action
  • Communicate the value you offer very clearly
  • Don’t ask for a lot of compliance
    • Don’t sell anything
    • Don’t ask them to schedule a call via a scheduling app
  • Ask a yes/no question if they want to connect with you, or what ask day suites them the most to complete the next step (usually a follow-up call)

Email 2: The smart follow-up (day 3)

How to write this email?

No reply? Don’t worry. The money is always in the follow-up. So, how do you go about writing this email?

  • Only briefly touch on the value you want to provide, all the information should be already in the previous email
  • Remind them politely that they haven’t responded
  • Try a different tone, length and angle in this email in comparison to the first email
  • Ask them to do one simple action, such as confirming what day they are available to speak

You can test this step and send the follow-up email in a new thread, with a new subject line. Alternatively, you can send it in the same thread so the prospect can easily refer to the previous email.

Email 3: The break-up email with a lot of value (day 6)

How to write this email?

By now it’s very likely that your prospect registered your emails. Again, most of the time it takes 3 (or more) emails to get noticed. What to include?

  • State that you will no longer follow-up
  • State that you will be still willing to help them in regard to their problems in the future – as your business focuses on solving these problems
  • Send a free resource, such as a checklist, whitepaper, guide or your best blog post
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