Why Inbound Marketing is So Important

Why Inbound Marketing is so Important

The changing landscape of marketing has led to drastic changes in the skillset of contemporary marketers. No longer is there a requirement to be bombarding prospects with offers and specials that are supposedly “just for them”. This has seen a rise in the need for an SEO consultant.

The world has moved on and the changing digital landscape has meant that customers are changing too. Their demands are different, as is their behaviour. The internet and social media has meant that people and businesses now interact in vastly different ways to what they did 20+ years ago. And the ease of access to information makes it more difficult to gain a competitive advantage.

Outbound marketing used to be the way for the big companies as they would regularly reach out to prospects in the hope that a small percentage would take the bait. This involved cold calling and relentless advertising to almost force the attention of the consumer.

Inbound marketing is different and it is more about making consumers do the work, seeking information about your business as a relationship builds. It is about gaining the customers attention through relevant and informative information pieces in an attempt to improve their experience.

Gaining a deeper understanding of the specific customer prior to purchase will aid in the purchase experience. Consumers now find businesses through search engines and social media and having the appropriate mechanisms in place is therefore pivotal. An SEO consultant will ensure that a site is designed to maximise the rate of discovery, or impressions, for a business.

There are 3 key reasons as to why this is so important in the digital, modern world.

Changing Customer Needs

Customers now demand a higher standard of service but it can be difficult to do so, especially with the reduction in face-to-face interactions for sales people. This is where the magic of inbound marketing comes to life.

Because inbound marketing is designed around the customer discovering your business and then learning about it, businesses get a head start on the type of customers that are reading their material through Google Analytics.

Should a site be optimally designed, the customer will then be presented with an opt-in email sign up to which the company gains further information. As the relationship then develops through email and messages, the organisation is able to create a customer profile and therefore when it comes to the purchase stage, the customer is treated in the appropriate manner.


The Internet and Social Media

As was touched on previously, people and businesses now interact very differently than they used to. With the majority of interactions happening online, either through social media or other sites, it is important that consumers are reached out to with relevant and information content.

People are willing to share helpful information with their online community of ‘friends’ and this increases the opportunity for businesses. Without quality online content, the reach of all marketing efforts is significantly reduced and will likely force a given company to resort to the customer un-friendly outbound marketing. With an SEO and marketing consultant, quality content can be ensured and presented in the right places to the right audience ultimately maximising reach.

Information and Mass Media

This is the point that ties in both the increased customer needs and social media community. As information is so easily accessible and the distribution of advertising through social media channels is so easy, people believe that they are now well informed about everything.

This makes it really challenging for marketers to get their point across unless the content is compelling and original. Inbound marketing is all about providing quality, original and readable content to engage consumers and draw them in. getting consumers engaged will then increase the chances of them providing your organisation with personal details for tailored marketing.

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