Releasing an app? Minimize risk of failure and follow these guidelines!

Guidelines to follow when releasing an app

When organizing to design an app, the businesspeople will be entangled in a dilemma as to where to begin. App development is split into three groups related to it being a customer app, an overhauling impact and phasing a web app to its mobile counterpart. The expenditure and quota are of major consequence to app development.


All the major aspects are listed below. All have to be taken into account prior to, during and post launch of any app.


Before launching your app

Choosing the right app platform:

The company must determine on which platform the app has to be released namely iOS and Android both of which have their benefits and disadvantages. iOS apps lead in terms of revenue but Android is the champion related to compatibility and retaining of users.

iOS is preferred if the brand concentrates on paid-for apps and in-apps purchases. Android’s advantages are that it has a bigger platform, has a big spread regarding products and there is the absence of sequences related to approval. The downsides are that there is a hindrance to supervise experience because of the OS versions and the point that risk of errors to happen are higher. Also related are some piracy problems. iOS has its pros in the form of a good reach, sophisticated tools, and a rigorous security aspect. Its disadvantages are that the approval takes a long time and it is more confined with relations to data distribution and marketing.

Designing an app can be done on both the platforms with the only disadvantage being the time taken to design, along with the expenditure invested in.


Obtaining beta testing factor:

Beta users are suggested for testing as they provide accurate and authentic reviews and hence it is the most vital aspect regarding testing. The designers can have either a private or public beta testing. By taking the potential customer into account the public beta testing is suggested as the prospective users can be anybody. Beta users are tough to find which is simplified by manipulating TestFlight. The factors of network, load etc should also be taken into account.

It is suggested for the experimenting team to do it manually as it may carry out well in the beginning and after sometimes tools like AppPurify can be used to conserve time.


Implementing acquisition action

The subsequent major undertaking after designing an app is to identify users. Apps must have a proper user base and it is the vital priority of the brand to prosper.

It is to be noted that only some apps feature paid acquisition whereas all apps feature organic acquisition. Mobile advertising is applicable to obtain a bigger user base.  When the apps are directed to reach the bigger public, it signifies that the brand is engrossed in expenditures to promote the app among users.


In the process of readying an app for organic acquisition, integration of the app for App Store listing must be necessary. App Store Optimization comprises of merging particular keywords into the App Store listing so that the featured app can get good rankings and higher traffic which contribute towards an increase in the download of the app. It is researched and identified that 65 % of the download factor is related to normal browsing in the App store.

Developers will have to disclose the apt snapshots of the functioning of the app to attract users and in turn improve the feedback and ratings. This determines whether the user wants to download an app or not.

The app reviews are proportional to the download of the app which in turn results in the prosperity of the app in the App Store.


During launch:

Marking out which is functional and which is dormant

The liability of the developing team to find out the most used features of an app along with the ones that remain idle has to be taken into account. Basically, it is done to evaluate user-app interaction and the range to which the app is used. Consumers will typically use the features which are required by them. The key features of the specific app support the involved team to progress ahead regarding the app. 

On the event of an app’s release, it is mandatory to focus on the functionality of the app, which when supervised will aid in finding any errors. Prior to the release, the team involved can modify anything as the app is not yet released. Going repeatedly over the performance is key to launching an issue free app.


Researching the initial profitability of the app

The number of downloads although not a contributing aspect to an app’s success, in the long run, is very crucial during the release.  Monitoring the download statistics of an app is the first factor to evaluate the app’s success.

Provided the company wants to design various apps on various platforms, it has to scheme in advance as to how they will organize clairvoyance among the various App stores. The use of App Annie will come in handy as it will track the downloads of the app from its originating point, along with the income generated by the app and its ranking in the App Store.

By perfectly organizing the schemes related to Public Relation and Promotion, the brand can intensify and improve the consumer’s notice, the number of downloads and contribute to the app getting good attention everywhere.


Identifying the retention rates:

The involved team has to identify the initial week retention rates of the app. This is feasible by identifying channels with the most number of downloads and worthy customers. Thus the brand can identify the apt sources and cease activity regarding the idle ones.

Post launch, the team should augment the app to enhance it with many worthy features. Traffic, the rate of downloads, ranking and other such parameters indicates the prosperity of the app, which the developers are trying to enhance and providing them satisfaction regarding the work in the end. 

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