How to Create App Like WhatsApp? [it's not what you think!]

What does it take to create a successful messaging app like WhatsApp?

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What does it take to create a successful messaging app like WhatsApp?

Today’s arena is filled with smartphone users who get fully preoccupied with the online chat messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and so on. Among them, all WhatsApp plays to be the leader where it has a user base of more than one billion. With each passing day, such instant messaging apps are watching an upward trend at a rapid pace.


According to a recent study, it is shown that during 2016 alone there were nearly 85 billion app downloads for both the Android and iOS platforms. This clearly shows us that the social media apps have influenced our lives deeply. Taking these chat apps as an inspiration, many developers have created their clones, where even some are available with some advanced features such as BlaberChat – WhatsApp clone script.


Popular Social Messaging apps:


We are now in a time period of saying goodbye to the old SMS messaging methods and have wholeheartedly welcomed the mobile messaging apps that prominently offer us more and more security and easiness.


Here are some of the popular social messaging apps that have influenced our life greatly:


WhatsApp:  A cross-platform messaging apps that allow users to share text, images, videos and now comes up with the option of free voice and video calls.


Facebook messenger:  This is also one of the trendiest messaging apps in which you can chat with your Facebook contacts.


Snapchat: A photo sharing app that became very popular among the teenagers for sharing multimedia messages known as “snaps” that are normally photos or short videos which can include effects, text captions.


Apart from these, the other include WeChat, Viber, Google Hangouts, HeyTell and much more. 


What do you want from your App?

It must be kept in mind that developing an app is really a critical task which cannot be started without any clear vision. Without knowing what you want your app to do, starting the development of your app will be vain.  Take a close look of some of the competitor’s apps similar to your idea and note down the features that you also want to include in your creative apps. But always create your own apps that tend to stand out unique.


What makes a good Messaging app?

Instant messaging apps are rising up day-by-day so in order to compete along with them then your messaging app must have all the key aspects that may be overlooked by the users. Your instant messaging app must have all the primary key features like


– voice and video calls

– social media integration

– push notifications

– location tracking

– high security

– scalability

– group chats


Implementing Unique Idea

Creating an app like WhatsApp isn’t unique, but it would stand out from its former if it has been crafted up with few unique features. Users always go for what seems to be standing out from the others. Here let’s see an example of such a WhatsApp clone script- BlaberChat, designed with few unique features.


This WhatsApp clone is fully encrypted with the features of that of WhatsApp in a specialized manner where it assists its users to chat uninterruptedly. Its exceptional features include enabling the user to synchronize their Facebook profile pic during login, instant media files sharing allowing users to share images, video and audio clippings each of up to a size of 50MB and adding up to 1000 members in for a group chat.


In-house or Outsource it?


If you have the technical teams with app development skill sets then you can preferably try for in-house development but there are cases where even it might backfire. On the other side, outsourcing seems to be a better option wherein it allows you to find the expertise for a defined period of time.



So instead of wasting your whole time in the development for an instant messaging app like WhatsApp, you can choose the WhatsApp clone scripts that are now readily available in the market and launch your own app within a limited time.

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