The 4 challenges you face when closing an app development project

What challenges do you need to overcome as a sales rep for app development?

app sales person getting more deal through dealing with obtacles

The sales role is not everyone’s cup of tea, it needs a lot of convincing power and knowledge of right sales technique. Are you looking for a sales job? Well, apart from a degree you need to be good in several things such as communication, convincing, problem-solving, knowledge of the product or service, and much more. The sales world is a people-centric business, interpersonal communication skills and customer interaction is crucial here. Sales professionals are responsible for determining customer demands and needs, communicating the features and benefits of the products or services being offer
ed, and solidifying transactions to supply those products or service.


While performing your duties as a sales professional you will come across a lot of challenges. To be exceptional you need to tackle these challenges, below I have given the common challenges and how to overcome them.


Target Audience

The biggest challenge for a sales professional is to get a qualified lead. A lead is nothing but a prospective consumer of a product or service, created when an individual or business shows interest and provides contact information. Most of the business get access to the sales leads through various marketing channels.


Solution: Many of the professionals tackles this problem by selling the product or service to unqualified leads. It is an unacceptable way, you must understand who are your target audience. Selling your product or service to people who don’t need it will make the situation worse. It can tarnish your and the company’s image. So, it’s better to target the right audience as your customers.


Building Trust

Building trust in your potential customers will be also a challenging task in your career as a sales professional, whether you sell cars, investment or apps. Trust building is essential with the customers for boosting your credibility. If the prospects are not feeling confident and comfortable buying from you, they will move on to another seller.


Solution: Transparency and honesty, even if it isn’t in your interest will be a solution for building trust in your customers. Getting aggressive and manipulating customers will be of no good, instead be genuine and keep your word. Share your knowledge, experience and expertise about the product or service you are selling. This can be done by talking one on one with the buyers or by using social selling, writing a blog, speaking at seminars, etc.


To Be Business-like

Many sales professionals, especially freshers in this field fail to perform their task effectively. They end up being unproductive, which is due to lack of planning. A lot of your time will be occupied doing the tasks like filling out reports, inputting data, and updating call sheets. All these things consume plenty of time and leave you with very less time for doing actual sales.

Solution: Using the advanced technology will be a simple solution for this problem. Implementing automation tools and technology can help you eliminate many of the tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks. New tools to automate your work in the easiest way keeps on hitting the market. Search for such apps or software or program, whatever you may call it, which will help you improve productivity and efficiency.


Closing The Deal

Closing is nothing but the last logical step which you would take for your goal-oriented conversations. Closing the deal it is a big challenge for many sales person. You might hold your client the entire way but might lose them at the 11th hour.


Solution: There are lots of crafty closing tricks out there, and they rarely work. That being said, when you have a long sales cycle, or you’re selling a complex product, it gets very indistinct when consulting ends and paid engagement begins. You have to cross a line with your prospect by telling them it’s time to buy it. There’s is no easy way than indicating or telling upfront if it’s high time but in a formal/professional way.


So these were some most common challenges you could face as a sales professional. f you are choosing sales as your career, then there might be more such challenges coming your way. All I can do is advise you not to stress and take the help of your seniors. I hope you’ve got a better understanding about sales and its challenges. If you have any doubts or suggestions regarding this blog, please write to us in the comment box.


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Hi, I am Aditya Singh, I am passionate about writing blogs, lyrics, social media posts and articles. Currently working as a content writer at Aasaanjobs and focused on writing and learning about worldwide recruitment scenarios.


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