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A 10-Minute Assessment Tool For Establishing A Step-by-Step Sales Plan For Your SaaS Business

Use this SaaS Sales Checklist to add the fundamental sales strategy building blocks into your user acquisition plan

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    SaaS Sales assessment tool - analyse your current situation and build robust sales processes
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    Follow a set of best-practice criteria to drastically improve your user acquisition strategy
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    Gain clear direction in how to effectively compete for market share against bigger competitors
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    A complete game plan for generating and converting demand in any sector
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    Easy to follow step-by-step plan for minimizing confusion when building a sales strategy

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SaaS Sales Checklist?

One of our most important internal tools for assessment used for developing sales strategies, generating tens of thousands of dollars in MRR

How to use the SaaS Sales Checklist in 10 minutes or less

Checklist As An Assessment Tool

Checklists are perfect assessment tools forcing you to face the reality - no confusion, guessing, or biases.

Establishing an effective SaaS sales process for acquiring, retaining and growing your user base is complex and requires a number of processes to work in concert together.

Start optimizing the most important aspect impacting your revenue (sales) with this simple and quick to implement tool.

Gain the advantage of having a tool to create a superior sales strategy.

Gain access to an important tool normally available only to our clients

What our clients say about our sales strategy service

''Exactly the support I needed. Strategy for initial customer acquisition was detailed. Went above and beyond with creating the sales strategy and setting up a game plan for my SaaS business. Highly recommended.''

- Frank Avila, Founder of ExpressPass

Extremely knowledgeable in the entirety of the sales pipeline and will be valuable asset in each step of the way.

- Pascal Fengham, Founder & CTO of Streamly

Launching our first outbound email campaign, we received valuable support from App Marketing Minds to set-up and optimize our campaigns. Just after launching and without any iterations, we were able to achieve above industry average metrics.

- Nicholas Thiade, Founder of CloudRadar

About App Marketing Minds

App Marketing Minds is a digital marketing agency focused on acquiring, retaining and growing user bases of SaaS and mobile app companies. We are passionate about innovative ideas, and we're dedicated to helping entrepreneurs to achieve real results through developing, and executing on marketing and sales strategies, just as eucating them through our free tools and resources. 

''This checklist is one of the go-to tools we implement when designing a sales strategy for our clients. It allows us to quickly establish the current situation and identify where we need to channel our focus our energy first''

David Kanika,

Founder of App Marketing Minds

David Kanika

Get INSTANT Access To Our Go-To Tool For Analysing and Improving SaaS Sales Processes

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