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Cyber attacks cause productivity loss, service disruptions and negative customer experience. Despite this, SMBs don't see cyber security as an investment, but as a cost

Lead generation and sales solutions for the Cyber Security industry

Industry challenges

The current business environment is deeply concerned with cyber threats. [V1] The biggest impact of cyber attacks to businesses is operational due to productivity loss, followed by negative customer experience and service disruption.

The adverse impact of these elements is significant, with the average cost of a cyber attack hovering at around $1.7m. Solutions to cyber security threats are therefore clearly extremely valuable, however, despite this cyber security products are still considered as costs rather than investments. One reason for this is that cyber security products provide safeguarding rather than a tangible benefit such as an increase in productivity or decrease in costs. In addition to this challenge, the cyber security space is crowded and competitive with over 1,600 vendors, and products that are often hard to distinguish between.

However, the marketplace has recently witnessed a fast-paced evolution leading to the emergence of organizations with disruptive technologies and seemingly unique value propositions. Yet, customers expect the same outcomes regardless of the technology – reliable risk prevention. And in addition to the total peace of mind that they pay for, customers also care about customer service and ease of implementation.

If you're a new vendor, communicating all this information in an innovative way to cold prospects, in order to secure meetings, can be daunting. Cyber security vendors are therefore left in a challenging position in terms of generating demand for their solution in a crowded marketplace, needing to communicate their value proposition effectively, and to balance technical staff/product specialists with highly effective sales teams.

How App Marketing Minds helps the Cyber Security sector

Our outbound lead generation service provides a robust process for generating new discovery meetings and demos for inside sales reps and product specialists.

We start by gathering data on your entire landscape, generating a deep product knowledge and understanding of market trends, in order to craft the multi-channel sales strategy that we will execute. From identifying the organizations that fit your ideal customer profile to the research and subsequent emails, App Marketing Minds will cover every aspect of the process.

Your strategy will be based on cold outreach emails and social interactions, and supported by return paths – retargeting ads, content/inbound sales flows (case studies, data reports, use cases, industry analysis) and follow-up engagements.

Orchestrating all of these elements into a seamless flow of sales touch points, we are able to predictably secure valuable introductions for our cyber security clients.

''David is excellent with email campaigns, he managed in a short period of time to build the right messages and techniques with emails sent to our prospects. We had very good responses and with some of them an average reply rate of over 22%. David is good also with creating follow-up emails, structuring arguments, counterarguments, tailoring responses and sales materials, as well as creating negotiation techniques and strategies''

Wissem Souissi


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