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5 best apps to earn money with using only your smartphone

Are you using your smartphone on the go? The chances are that you are! This article will show you how you can turn normal use of your smartphone into an effective way to earn more money.

Having an internet connection and downloading apps is probably one of the main reasons for owning a smartphone. However, there are many more features that might be more interesting. While you pay a huge amount of money to buy your new smartphone, it might also pay you a huge amount in return.


Want to know how get your smartphone investment back?

There are many Smartphone Apps which allows you to make money just by using it.These apps have

These apps have tied up with a wide variety of brands in a number of different domains. In return, these brands pay them to promote their campaign. The platform aggregators provide users, an easy to use interface, and can contribute their useful time in generating money. Here are some of the best apps that you can have a look and kick start with.


  1. Surveys on the Go:

More than a million of surveys available, the Surveys on the Go Application is probably one of the best applications which you might like to use. From the political campaigns to the different jury trials, you might find a lot of survey options available at Surveys on the Go. The regular surveys will offer you $ 0.25 and the high paying surveys will offer you $ 5 each to get out with a hefty income. The Surveys on the Go is definitely a great application to earn money.

You can download this app from the play store if you are an android user or can download from itunes for iphone users. Typically they send out one to two new surveys per week and you will receive notifications as the new one comes in.


  1. GigWalk

The GigWalk app usually connects with the businesses that are looking to get local contract work done. There are many job opportunities including testing a beta application, taking photos of a particular store or doing a delivery to a local personal. The app pays you around $6 to $220 which completely depends on the type of work to be done. There are many more things that you can enjoy with the GigWalk and also make it to be one of the best places to enjoy.

The most important thing about Gigwalk app is that they transfer amount through Paypal only. So you must have a linked paypal account to receive money.


  1. Ibotta

Available both for iPhone and android versions, the Ibotta is a beautiful app that you can earn from. Generally, the Ibotta application is based out from a brand for shopping with products and in return, you might win cash. The Ibotta app pays you real cash for buying one’s favourite products with an option available from 40 stores in the world. You can also get an additional $10 for joining Ibotta. It also gives out referral benefits.

The best part of ibotta app is that 100% of your earnings can be transferred to PayPal or Venmo as soon as you’ve earned money. If you’d rather convert your earnings into a gift card, you can do that, too.


  1. Shopkick

The Shopkick is another great application that offers you incentives to check out the specific stores and also items which are available in those stores. You can even earn more money by making certain purchases and also you can get the best results declared. With the Shopkick application, the earning can be made huge as you can easily earn $10 gift card options and also many other coupon options for you to earn money. So, why wait to join and be the member of 1 lac+ community actively making discounted money every day.


  1. CheckPoints

The CheckPoints might be one of the most entertaining apps that will lead you to earn money easily. With the help of this app, you can easily earn points by watching videos that are viral and indeed funny. You cannot win direct cash amounts in your bank account but you might win money through Amazon and Walmart Gift Cards.

Also, there is an option to scan bar decodes for you to use and make money out of it.


So, here we have mentioned the 5 best apps that can easily give you the extra income just by sitting at home and using your smartphone. All that you need to do is to find your favorite application and start making good money.

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App stories: Ping Pong Fury

We are starting our new series of App Stories! App Stories is a section within our App Marketing Minds blog where we interview an app developer about their creation.


Today’s story is from Uzair, who developed a free game for Andriod users, based on simulating the game of balancing a ping pong ball on a table tennis racket.


Can you tell us about your app?

Ping pong fury is an addictive game for android users. Remember the days where you would hold your table tennis racket and would try to balance the ping pong ball for as long as possible? Now you can have that fun right on your Android phone.

Ping Pong fury is a balancing game in which you hold onto your racket with steadiness trying not to drop the ball. The user has to collect gems to earn points. On collection of every 10 gems, boost mode gets activated and then the users will really have to put their skills to test. The boost mode stays active for as long as the user doesn’t collect another gem.

It’s challenging with some cool music in the background, so it’s quite fun to play. A lot of our users are able to play Ping Pong Fury for hours! It’s a game for all age groups, so anyone can test their skills.

What is the story behind Ping Pong Fury?

The idea behind the app came from my childhood memories when me and my friends use to play Ping Pong all the time. We would challenge each other to see who can hold the ping pong ball for longest on the racket. While one person would try to hold the ball steady on the racket, other friends always tried to distract him so that he could drop the ball sooner. So I thought why not relive your memory? But this time instead of using the racket, let’s make use of our smartphones. Hence, I decided to develop this game.

Another motivation behind the game was for me to learn something new, so I decided to go for game development. I choose Unity as a platform on which to develop my game. It was a completely new experience for me. The biggest challenge that I encounter during the development phase was to have good graphics for my game. As I was a developer and had little experience in graphic designing it was the hardest task. I couldn’t hire a designer because of my low budget, so I gave it a shot myself. I design the graphics using Photoshop tool and by doing so I also got to learn some interesting features of the tool. It took me around 3 months to develop the game.

By that time I was a student and hence had very limited finance available to do the marketing for the app. I was however, able to persuade my friends and family to spread the word about the game to their network, and to download it and give it some reviews. Using this strategy I manage to improve my game standing on the search listings. I still need to work on my marketing strategy to further penetrate the market to get more user downloads and generate some revenue out of ads.

Overall, it was a great learning experience for me and I felt proud of doing it.


You can download Ping Pong Fury for free here:



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