Case study: SaaS onboarding for a HR leader - B2B SaaS Lead Generation & Onboarding Agency

Increasing Engagement & The Average Order Value For An HR Industry Leader 

Background and challenge

Our client is a leader in the HR industry offering support to hiring managers by conducting background checks, qualification screening, reference checks, and similar services. Despite operating for almost two decades, serving hundreds of thousands of customers and enjoying healthy revenue, the organization didn’t have an established, targeted and automated onboarding process in place.
The lack of an onboarding process meant that the newly registered non-paying users were not adequately introduced to, and educated about the available product mix. Secondly, the paying users were not effectively introduced to other useful products which would allow them to make better hiring decisions. As a result, the paying customers were not purchasing desired quantity of products often enough. Overall, our client was not maximizing their advertising ROI, and a substantial amount of unrealized revenue was left on the table every day. Therefore, the main objective was to increase sales.
App Marketing Minds (AMM) were chosen to create and execute an onboarding strategy with the focus on nurturing, education, up-sells and re-engagement. Our portfolio of a variety of other successful onboarding projects and deep expertise in b2b SaaS were key drivers for this working relationship.

Approach and project delivery

The project commenced by a complex audit of current processes, the product offering and customer segments, followed by a market analysis. Namely, we analysed which user segments will benefit the most from numerous product combinations, and how past buying patterns will influence future sales effectiveness.
The audit provided important data and insights to form project strategy, benchmarking and goals.
Instead of creating exhausting segments, AMM decided to create onboarding streams based on cohorts with specific characteristics, which can overlap. This complexity was managed by careful orchestration of marketing messages in every given scenario. Some of the segments that were created grouped users according to for instance: different traffic sources, their drop-off in the set-up process, organizational type and size, or revenue per account in different time segments (month, three months, six months, twelve months).
Once the overall strategy and steps were established, AMM set-up Intercom (email marketing tool) to deliver all emails and in-app messages that form the onboarding process. Next, the email design and creation of all communication assets were completed. 



Increase in sales assisted requests
Increase in overall engagement
Above industry average email KPIs
significant increase

The project resulted in more than 16 campaigns with over 40 emails or in-app messages addressing a varied range of users, with the aim to educate, sell, remind or engage (action-based). The marketing communication varied in channels and the nature – from longer use cases, messages feeding back to sales teams, or simple industry updates, to punchy and fact-based sales emails.

In a broader context, AMM achieved the first objective of developing an integrated onboarding plan addressing every important customer segment. This solidified the brand’s position as an industry leader with a robust aspect of their sales process in place, reinforcing their position as a leader committed to educating their users. 

In terms of KPIs, more than 75% of all communication achieved above industry average engagement metrics. Secondly, we noticed more than 45% increase in sales teams assistance requests, and most importantly – a newly established component of a sales process significantly contributed to revenue increase on a daily basis.

AMM is currently involved in ongoing evaluation and iteration to continuously improve campaign performance.

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