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About us: Our Story

App Marketing Minds is a leading London-based lead generation agency dedicated to improving marketing and sales operations of B2B SaaS organizaiton.

We've built a portfolio of over 70 companies of all stages since 2015. While we love solving complex business solutions for enterprise clients, we also work with bootstrapped companies that need direction in bringing their product to market.

App Marketing Minds was founded by David Kanika, and rapidly expanded into a team of 4 - allowing us to really get to know and grow with our clients. David currently heads project management of majority of campaigns, and is most likely to be the first point of contact.

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Why do we do it?

We live in exciting times, where perhaps for the first time in the history, the most innovative and tech-savvy dreams are directly rewarded for their disruptive technology and innovation that helps the world to be a better place.

We are passionate about unlocking this potential of brilliant people and bringing their innovative solutions to customers and users.

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How is it working with us?

Working with App Marketing Minds is characterized by a personal approach for every project. You are not dealing with a faceless corporation, and we will never treat you that way.

Lead generation and sales is one of the most vital business areas, and we fully understand the trust our clients vest into us.

Support and ongoing communication is always just a message or phone call away in addition to the regular and scheduled performance reviews. We strive to build long lasting relationships with our clients that will benefit both parties in the near and distant feature.

Our work is characterized by the following attributes:

  • Measurable impact
  • Long lasting solutions
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Leadership
  • Domain expertise
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What do our customers say?

''David is excellent with email campaigns, he managed in a short period of time to build the right messages and techniques with emails sent to our prospects. We had very good responses and with some of them an average reply rate of over 22%. David is good also with creating follow-up emails, structuring arguments, counterarguments, tailoring responses and sales materials, as well as creating negotiation techniques and strategies''

Wissem Souissi


SaaS cold email automation

''Launching our first outbound email campaign, we've received valuable support from App Marketing Minds to set up and optimize our campaigns. Just after launching and without any iterations, we were able to achieve above industry average metrics''

Nicholas Thiade

Co-founder | CloudRadar

''Exactly the support I needed. Strategy for initial customer acquisition was detailed. Went above and beyond with creating the sales strategy and setting up a game plan for my SaaS business. Highly recommended.''

Frank Avila

CEO | ExpressPass

start-up saas sales

''David is knowledgeable and to the point - he will get you results''

Ken Lee

Co-founder |

Some of our clients

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