SaaS sales and marketing services

Our services are helping SaaS companies in United States in the following ways

Acquire | Retain | Grow


Our user acquisition services have the single purpose of getting you more quality users for the best price possible. At App Marketing Minds, our results are always defined by concrete data and the level of success we achieve for our clients.

B2b email lead generation 

Successful b2b lead generation proactively targets potential customers with relevant content, offers and other talking points to initiate a non-intrusive conversation, which will eventually lead to a sale.

In today’s busy and information-packed world, it takes a lot of effort to attract prospects using cold email. At App Marketing Minds, we designed a process which is:

  • Automated
  • Scalable
  • Personalized
  • Targeted

We leverage research and precise targeting to initiate meaningful conversations, calls and appointments on a predictable basis.

Our turnkey top-of-funnel lead generation service that will act as a sales machine in your organization, regardless of your company’s size or industry.

What makes us unique is our attention to detail. We create a process that generates qualified leads, and we combined it with the best copywriters in the industry.

saas email lead generation service

Inbound marketing

At App Marketing Minds, we handle the entirety of inbound marketing campaigns. From research, lead generation, content creation, creating excitement, to customer acquisition and retention. Inbound marketing can be for many people overwhelming and complex. With so many elements that need to be executed properly, we realized that solely managing the whole process produces the best results for our clients.

We believe in quality content, and we are passionate about delivering content that drives leads and sales for years to come from the first initial investment. With our inbound marketing services you will get a reliable source of organic traffic and relevant leads.

saas inbound marketing


Our SEO services are designed to increase organic traffic. We conduct on-page and off-page analyses and improvements. However, our core service for growth remains our highly successful white hat backlink strategy.

saas seo service

Paid advertising (Facebook)

Having a presence on social media is not only about brand building. Facebook is arguably the most powerful social media platform that allows unmatched targeting options. 

We manage our clients' Facebook paid accounts on a monthly basis, and handle everything from copy creation,reporting, design, to budgets

We specialize in creating sophisticated funnels and sales strategies that utilize videos, high quality content and retargeting. 

saas paid advertising


The cost to acquire a new user has been on a steady increase across the whole SaaS industry. To compete effectively, companies need to leverage the uniqueness of their solutions to keep delivering to their users value and their brand promise. We help companies to retain users and maximize the profit potential.

User onboarding

Once you acquire your users, you need to focus on delivering value and drive usage as soon as possible. We will help you to create and set-up an efficient, engagement-driven onboarding process with smart marketing automation.

A well-designed, streamlined onboarding is paramount in ensuring that your users are engaged in your solution, and obtain their desired outcome as soon as possible.

All prior investment to acquire your users will be wasted without a reliable process ensuring that your users don’t simply stop engaging with your brand or solution.

saas onboarding

Churn reduction

Given the competitive landscape of SaaS providers, with users demanding solutions with more features, yet simpler to use and for the best price – many SaaS companies find themselves unable to provide adequate value and subsequently see their churn rates increase.

Acquiring users is not enough, companies need to retain their users. Our consultative approach with hands-on corrections to your business will identify and correct reasons for high churn rates.

With a unique analysis of your customer segments’ aims, goals, and perspectives on success, we uncover the reasons users stop using your solutions as the answer to their problem.

We aim to achieve negative churn rate so that your business can achieve healthy growth, maximize customer lifetime value and build meaningful relationships.

saas churn reduction

Customer success & User retention

With our analysis of your customers’ goals and your sales effectiveness, we will assist you in fine-tuning your sales processes.

Companies we helped to align the sales-customer success relationship benefit in significantly higher revenues.

You will benefit in following ways:

  1. You will start targeting and selling to the right customers more effective. We will help you to identify, qualify and sell quickly and easy
  2. Your will retain users for longer. Finding the right customers will lead to loyal customers whose goals are being consistently achieved through your solution
  3. You will sell to your users more frequently at higher prices, with higher close rate
  4. Your customers will become your advocates
saas customer success


The only way your SaaS business can survive is through continuous delivery of value to your users. Our growth services will allow you deliver meaningful solutions to the right user segments.

Customer growth planning

Let us take care of the what, when and how. We help you to identify and build the processes for selling the right products to the right customer at the right time, through the right channel.

With an analytical approach to your customers’ aims and goals. We will assist you with allocation of resources in the right places, ensuring customer success, and maximum revenue per user through an analytical and data-driven approach to customer growth.

saas user growth

Up-sells & cross-sells

Companies that wish to compete effectively need to maximize each of their users’ profit potential. Make the most of your user acquisition investment and offer relevant products to the right customer segment at the right time.

We will assist you with identifying and building the right product mixes and options to offer to your users, giving them the best solution possible that would meet their desired goals

saas up-sells, cross-sells, down-sells