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Today’s story is from Uzair, who developed a free game for Andriod users, based on simulating the game of balancing a ping pong ball on a table tennis racket.


Can you tell us about your app?

Ping pong fury is an addictive game for android users. Remember the days where you would hold your table tennis racket and would try to balance the ping pong ball for as long as possible? Now you can have that fun right on your Android phone.

Ping Pong fury is a balancing game in which you hold onto your racket with steadiness trying not to drop the ball. The user has to collect gems to earn points. On collection of every 10 gems, boost mode gets activated and then the users will really have to put their skills to test. The boost mode stays active for as long as the user doesn’t collect another gem.

It’s challenging with some cool music in the background, so it’s quite fun to play. A lot of our users are able to play Ping Pong Fury for hours! It’s a game for all age groups, so anyone can test their skills.

What is the story behind Ping Pong Fury?

The idea behind the app came from my childhood memories when me and my friends use to play Ping Pong all the time. We would challenge each other to see who can hold the ping pong ball for longest on the racket. While one person would try to hold the ball steady on the racket, other friends always tried to distract him so that he could drop the ball sooner. So I thought why not relive your memory? But this time instead of using the racket, let’s make use of our smartphones. Hence, I decided to develop this game.

Another motivation behind the game was for me to learn something new, so I decided to go for game development. I choose Unity as a platform on which to develop my game. It was a completely new experience for me. The biggest challenge that I encounter during the development phase was to have good graphics for my game. As I was a developer and had little experience in graphic designing it was the hardest task. I couldn’t hire a designer because of my low budget, so I gave it a shot myself. I design the graphics using Photoshop tool and by doing so I also got to learn some interesting features of the tool. It took me around 3 months to develop the game.

By that time I was a student and hence had very limited finance available to do the marketing for the app. I was however, able to persuade my friends and family to spread the word about the game to their network, and to download it and give it some reviews. Using this strategy I manage to improve my game standing on the search listings. I still need to work on my marketing strategy to further penetrate the market to get more user downloads and generate some revenue out of ads.

Overall, it was a great learning experience for me and I felt proud of doing it.


You can download Ping Pong Fury for free here:



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